The David Steinberg Podcast: Chris Elliott

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Chris Elliott

Chris Elliott, just one from a family of comedians, sits down with David to chat about all things funny. They dissect Chris’ roots in comedy from his Father to his daughters, what it’s like trying to talk to Eugene Levy, and the biggest question: where do you go from here?

The David Steinberg Podcast: Susie Essman

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This week David sits down with the unparalleled Susie Essman (Curb Your Enthusiasm) for a discussion about her depressed family, her start in comedy, and of course a little Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The David Steinberg Podcast: Kevin Nealon

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Kevin Nealon, (known for SNL, Weeds, and those Xarelto commercials with Arnold Palmer) sits down with David for a fascinating discussion. They touch on the late Jan Hooks and her struggle with stage fright, what it was like starting stand up comedy in Los Angeles, and much more.

The David Steinberg Podcast: Martin Short

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Martin Short

Martin Short’s comedic talent knows no bounds, he’s appeared in everything from SCTV and SNL, to The Three Amigos, to Damages. He sits down to chat with David about his start on The David Steinberg Show, the amazing talent of John Candy, and his desire for an eclectic year of work.

The David Steinberg Podcast: Eugene Levy

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Eugene Levy

His IMDB page goes on for years, and his stories go on longer, but everyone can agree Eugene Levy is hilarious. David sits down with him to chat about how they met, the enigma of Christopher Guest, and working with family on Schitt’s Creek.

The David Steinberg Podcast: A Preview of The New Year

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Coming up in the new year we’ve got big names and bigger laughs. Here’s a sample of just some of the great entertainers, Mel Brooks, Eugene Levy, and Martin Short.

The David Steinberg Podcast: A Comedy Sampling

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This holiday season we give you a sampling of hilarity from our previous three guests, Gilbert Gottfried, Kathy Griffin, and Carl Reiner. Tune in next week for a preview of the new year!

The David Steinberg Podcast: Carl Reiner

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One comedy legend on a podcast is great, two is priceless. David sits down with the comedy powerhouse Carl Reiner to discuss the Dick Van Dyke Show, Mel Brooks, a brush with the FBI and so much more.

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The David Steinberg Podcast: Kathy Griffin

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Kathy Griffin

This week David chats with Kathy Griffin. They talk about her connection to her LGBTQ audience, and delve into how she developed her funny bone through method acting.

The David Steinberg Podcast: Gilbert Gottfried

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Gilbert Gottfried


In the inaugural episode of The David Steinberg Podcast, David sits down with Gilbert Gottfried to discuss everything from Gilbert’s stint on “Mad About You” to common misconceptions about stand up comedy. Plus, Gilbert throws in some impressions you’ll have to hear to believe.