• David and Larry

    At “work” on Curb.

  • David, Norman Lear and Oliver Stone

    At the Aspen Comedy Festival, David and Oliver Stone argue about… something, as Norman Lear looks on.

  • The Odd Couple

    Me substituting for Johnny Carson on “The Odd Couple” with Felix (Jack Klugman) and Oscar (Tony Randal)

  • Burt Reynolds and Lauren Hutton

    David directs Burt Reynolds and Lauren Hutton in “Paternity”.

  • The Bitter End

    The photo that hung in the window when David performed at The Bitter End.

  • The Music Scene

    Paul Reid, Tommy Smothers, and Lily Tomlin with David as hosts of “The Music Scene”.

  • David, Carly Simon and Tiny Tim

    David, Carly Simon, and Tiny Tim were all featured on one of the better shows of the 70’s: PBS’s satirical “The Great American Dream Machine”.

  • The Smothers Brothers Show

    Tommy Smothers and me, the day before my sermons threw them off the air.

  • Dad’s a Dog

    In the ABC Pilot “Dad’s a Dog”, David played a Shakespearean actor who needed money, so he accepted a role as a talking dog.

  • David hosting “The David Steinberg Show”

    The New York Times called David “The Magritte of television”.

  • Second City

    David performing at Second City

  • Larry David

    Larry and David doing promos for Showtime Standup when Larry still needed the money.

  • Ed McMahon

    Ed McMahon as W.C. Fields, David as an unattractive girl.

  • Second City

    One of David’s first characters at Second City, Dylan Zimmerman

  • Paternity

    David directs Burt Reynolds on the set of the movie Paternity  

  • Portrait by Mary Ellen Mark

    Photograph of David taken by then-girlfriend Mary Ellen Mark

  • Something Short of Paradise

    Susan Sarandon and David Steinberg share a moment in “Something Short of Paradise”.

  • On the set of “Going Berserk”

    David in 1983, directing John Candy in “Going Berserk” for Universal Studios

  • Paul Newman

    Paul Newman made a rare television appearance while David Steinberg was guest hosting “The Mike Douglas Show”, 1975.

  • Bill Cosby

    David directed Bill Cosby in many of the famous Jello commercials

  • Steve Martin and Bob Einstein

    Steve Martin, David Steinberg, Bob “Super Dave” Einstein, and writer Carl Gottlieb (The Jerk, Jaws, SNL) backstage at David’s first appearance on “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour”

  • The Lost Man

    Photographer (David Steinberg) forces a mortally wounded Sidney Poitier to pose for pictures. From Universal’s “The Lost Man”.

  • Bob Newhart

    With Bob Newhart at a tribute to Bob Newhart.

  • Burt Reynolds

    In movie The End with Burt Reynolds

  • Dinah Shore

    On The Dinah Shore Show

  • Dionne Warwick

    Co-starrnig on tour with Dionne Warwick

  • Directing

    Directing “The Wrong Guy”

  • John Candy

    Directing Going Berserk with John Candy

  • Childhood

    David (front, middle with bow-tie) at age 10 in Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Directing

    Directing Rosie O’Donnell and Penny Marshall in Kmart commercial.

  • Eugene Levy

    Eugene Levy and David on the set of “Going Berserk”

  • Flip Wilson

    One of eight appearances on The Flip Wilson Show

  • Monologue with Kong

    Monologue with Kong, one of the popular Steinberg comedy bits on The David Steinberg Show, the summer replacement for The Carol Burnett Show

  • Groucho Marx

    Hosting Music Scene with guest Groucho Marx

  • Groucho Marx

    Hosting Music Scene with guest Groucho Marx

  • Jack Benny

    With Jack Benny at a tribute for Johnny Carson

  • The End

    Me advising Burt Reynolds in “The End”.

  • Psychiatrist on The Mike Douglas Show

    David Steinberg does his famous psychiatrist routine as co-host

  • James Baldwin

    Backstage with James Baldwin, at The Bitter End after doing stand-up

  • John Candy

    With John Candy in “My Dinner With Dudy”, a satire of “My Dinner with Andre”

  • Johnny Carson

    At a tribute for Johnny Carson

  • Larry David

    Larry David doing promos for my Showtime stand-up show, because he needed the money.

  • Mike Myers

    With Mike Myers on Sit Down Comedy with David Steinberg

  • Paddy Chayefsky

    With good friend Paddy Chayefsky on the set of “Paternity”

  • Regis Philbin

    Directing a promo for Regis Philbin’s show.

  • Sally Field & Burt Reynolds

    On vacation in Grenada with Sally Field and Burt Reynolds.

  • Sally Field & Burt Reynolds

    On Lord Lew Grade’s yacht with ex-wife Judy Marcione, Dom Deluise, Carol Deluise, Sally Field and Burt Reynolds

  • Sidney Poitier

    First movie, The Lost Man, playing a photographer with Sidney Poitier

  • More “The Odd Couple”

    Jack Klugman, David Steinberg and Tony Randall

  • Music Scene

    On Music Scene with Tommy Smothers, Lily Tomlin

  • Music Scene

    Music Scene, with (L-R) Dick Schall (Second City), David Steinberg, Buck Owens, Chis Ross (The Committee)

  • Susan Sarandon

    Starring with Susan Sarandon in Something Short of Paradise

  • Mad About You

    Directing Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt in Mad About You

  • The Mike Douglas Show

    Co-hosting The Mike Douglas Show with guest Joey Heatherton

  • Hosting the Mike Douglas Show

    David looks on as guests Paul Newman and Joey Heatherton play a racing game.