• Inside Comedy Season 4 on Showtime

    Inside Comedy Season 4 on Showtime. David connects with Jon Stewart, Michael Keaton, Stephen Colbert, Bryan Cranston, Dan Aykroyd, Dane Cook, Ted Danson, Carol Leifer, Cheech & Chong, Conan O’Brien, Jeffrey Tambor, and Wanda Sykes. Inside Comedy Season 4 from David Steinberg on Vimeo.

  • Inside Comedy | Official Trailer | Season 4

    Catch new episodes of Inside Comedy Tuesday’s at 11 PM ET/PT, beginning May 5th, only on Showtime. This comedy documentary series from veteran funny-man David Steinberg and Steve Carell reveals the inspirations, influences and idols of some of the greatest comics of our time. Big stars, living legends and up-and-comers share never-before-heard anecdotes.

  • You’ve Got David Steinberg

    NEW FROM AOL: Comedian and host David Steinberg recalls his friendships with Johnny Carson, Martin Short, and Jerry Seinfeld.

  • Preview of “Inside Comedy,” New on Showtime

    PREMIERES JANUARY 26th, 2012 on Showtime. David connects with Larry David, Ellen Degeneres, Garry Shandling, Don Rickles, Chris Rock, Jane Lynch, Martin Short, Carl Reiner, Kathy Griffin, Jerry Seinfeld, Sarah Silverman, Brad Garrett, Steve Carell, Robin Williams, Jonathan Winters, Steven Wright, Tim Conway, Billy Crystal and Mel Brooks, in Inside Comedy. The new show appearing…

  • The Three Stooges Theory of Politics

    On Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show, David explains the three archetypes of politicians.

  • Carson Tonight Show Blooper

    David guest hosting Carson’s Tonight Show, confusing himself with Sid Sheinberg of Universal Pictures.

  • David on Johnny Carson: Showbiz and Groucho Marx

    David tells stories about the business and Groucho Marx on The Tonight Show hosted by Johnny Carson.

  • David on Johnny Carson: Condom Commercials

    Discussing condoms on television and The Dating Game on The Tonight Show hosted by Johnny Carson

  • David on Johnny Carson: Jewish-Italian Families

    Comparing Jewish and Italian families on The Tonight Show hosted by Johnny Carson

  • David on Carson: History of Jews & Cannes

    A perspective on Jews and Cannes on The Tonight Show hosted by Johnny Carson

  • CBS Sunday Morning

    A CBS News Sunday Morning profile on the life of David Steinberg.

  • The Psychiatrist

    From the David Steinberg Show, David Steinberg as the Psychiatrist helping Joe Flaherty. Booga, Booga!  

  • Mad About You: The Funeral Sermon

    Funerary wisdom on Mad About You

  • Mad About You: The Jezebel Sermon

    Learning from the story of Jezebel and her fly

  • David Directs Mel Brooks in Mad About You

    Mel Brook convalesces in this scene from Mad About You directed by David Steinberg.

  • Mad About You: Directing a Cat

    The fine art of feline direction

  • Rockburn Presents – David Steinberg

    Winnipeg native David Steinberg was one of the first Canadian entertainers to make it in the United States. If that alone weren’t remarkable enough, the fact that he continues to be associated with top ranking shows would as would the fact that he was the first Jewish entertainer to make it using his own name…

  • The Late Late Show With Tom Snyder

    David Steinberg discusses how to motivate actors with Tom Snyder.

  • Appearance on The Odd Couple

    David plays himself on an episode of The Odd Couple in which Felix Unger (Tony Randall) is coerced into appearing on David’s talk show.

  • Singing with Ethel Merman and Martin Short

    David stands in for Martin Short in a singing sketch with Ethel Merman on The David Steinberg Show.  

  • DVD Box Set

    Commercial for the DVD box set of The David Steinberg show.

  • “3 on Three” Basketball Highlights

    David hits the boards in three-on-three basketball against the team of Richard Roundtree of Shaft fame, John Havlicek and Earl “The Pearl” Monroe. David’s teammates are Paul Westphal and Sam Jones. Gary Bender and New York Knicks star Dave DeBusschere provide commentary.